Cammello Maculato has been created to inspire women to express their sensuality, self-confidently and irresistibly - not only for themselves but for others. The Berlin designer Theresa Beiglbck creates favorites and aims to accentuate the individual beauty of every woman.
Cammello Maculato plays with fashion, it accentuates, adorns, embellishes. This lingerie ennobles the woman who wears it; an ode to the woman who loves herself. The wide range of lingerie of this label can be worn at a whole variety of occasions; it can be worn under or over clothes, at home or as part of evening attire. Similar to the history of underwear, when a certain piece of clothing, which was kept from view over a long period of time, then emerged to the surface and finally became an integral part of the visible outfit. (The History of Underclothes, Cunnington, 1992). Special attention is directed to the perfect fit and the exquisite workmanship. When carefully selecting her European manufacturing partners, Theresa Beiglbck puts great emphasis on exemplary working conditions and exclusively uses high quality materials and trimmings in order to guarantee maximum sustainability and comfort when wearing the clothes. The style-savy designer implements her inspiration in fresh, graceful and debonair creations. The name Cammello Maculato the spotted camel: For Theresa Beiglbck synonymous with the sublime uniting of a multitude of influences which are characteristic of her style.