Born and raised in Berlin, Theresa Beiglbck studied fashion design at the International Fashion School Esmod Berlin and graduated with distinction in 2008. In addition to her qualification in women's wear, she specialized in lingerie. During and after her studies Theresa Beiglbck gained a wide range of professional experiences, working in Potsdam, Berlin, Lyon and Paris for the fashion labels Herz&Sthr, Blush, Brax and Wunderkind, Wolfgang Joops label.
Cammello Maculato
In 2007 Theresa Beiglbck was honored with the Galeries Lafayette - Electrolux Fashion Award. Her Lingerie Graduation Collection was showcased in Cannes as one of the finalists of the Lingerie-Award The Link of Mare di Moda in 2009. In 2011 she designed her own Collection in Lyon and launched her own label Cammello Maculato for the first time in 2012.